From Roots to Blooms Oracle Deck

  • 60 standard tarot-size cards
  • 0.3mm casino-quality linen finish card stock with a black core
  • 122-page perfect-bound guidebook
  • magnetic-closure box with inside and outside design

Free from toxic-positivity, spiritual bypassing, judgment and binaries, if you are on this planet having a human experience, this deck was created for you!

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FRTB is comprised of three components or "suits":

The Blooms illuminate what is visible, uncovered, and laid bare. However, visibility doesn't equate to goodness, just as invisibility doesn't mean something is bad. Both roots and blooms are vital aspects of being human. The Blooms cards capture your light, presence, dreams, and authenticity.

Keywords associated with The Blooms:

Encouragement. Inspiration. Expansion. Growth.

The Roots address your root self, your authentic nature, and your hidden side. Everyone has a root self, although it may be concealed for self-preservation. Traumatic experiences or harmful habits can lead us to avoid confronting this aspect of ourselves. Therefore, when engaging in root work, be mindful of your emotional and physical state.

Keywords associated with The Roots:

Reflection. Introspection. Perspective. Healing.

The Elements messages focus on the elemental energy that is imperative to nurture health and well-being. For a plant to grow to its full potential (from roots to blooms), the environment it is in can help or hinder its success.

Keywords associated with The Elements:

Focus. Energy. Consideration. Contemplation.


The Guidebook - This deck offers the beauty of using the cards as they are. Simply shuffle, draw with intention, and receive a grounded and validating message. To go even deeper, the guidebook entries are equally powerful, providing narratives and three contemplative questions or journal prompts for each Roots and Blooms card. The Elements entries provide a list of the given keywords and an affirmation that encapsulates the energy of each card. 


The Box - A magnetic-closure box was an absolute must for this project. Hands are our most used tools. With age, injury, chronic illness and affected ability, fine and gross motor skills can be tricky at best and painful at their worst. This style of box provides easy opening and closing accessibility that can be done with even one hand. The cards and guidbook sit in their tray with a pull-ribbon beneath them to assist in removing them comfortably.